Everything is a weapon in the Bujinkan

Random objects

Quite often we say to the students, “In this Martial Art, everything can be a weapon”, and we generally mean “using an everyday object to hand” to help overcome your attacker. But sometimes that statement can be even deeper. Here are some of the ways in which everyday objects or even concepts can be used to in self-defence and survival situations. Continue reading “Everything is a weapon in the Bujinkan”

New Year’s Resolutions – Why you should start a Martial Arts class now

2016 - is this your year for starting something?

If you’ve always dreamed of starting a martial art but always put it off, here’s why you should try this class out now.

Kizen Bujinkan Dojo has some great reasons for you to get out, get motivated and start learning this awesome martial art today. We’re going to attempt to answer all those little doubts that are stopping you from getting to where you want to be. Okay, it’s specific to this club, but there’s no reason some of these answers won’t apply to yoga, dancing, art or other classes!

“I don’t want to pay for it then find out I hate it!”

For our club, students don’t have to pay for their first lesson. Nor do they have to sign up to any complicated agreements or buy any expensive equipment before they’ve even walked in the door. You don’t even need to get a uniform straight off. In fact we discourage anyone from doing so until they’ve had some time to see if it’s for them. If you do find it’s not for you, there’s no obligation or hard sell to stay. A lot of classes offer free tasters just to get people in the door.

What have you got to lose?

“Maybe I’ve missed the beginner’s start date?”

Worried there’s a special intake time? Worried you needed to signup on 1st of January? Worry no more. We take beginners at any class. There might be a few more beginners around at certain times of year, like new year or uni term start, but really there is no special time you have to start. Other activities may have a more structured start time but it couldn’t hurt to ask.

The right time is now.

“The higher grades might treat me badly”

We don’t treat our new starts like punching bags or like a nuisance. Higher grades have the duty and privilege to help and encourage new people, and remember that it was how they learned. Also, people develop a strong sense of camaraderie through training together, and everyone is pretty friendly and warm. Bullies don’t last long in this club.

You won’t be getting in our way.

“It might hurt!”

Yes, it’s a martial art. You can expect a little pain, but it should only ever be at a level you can accept. When starting, we encourage going slow, placing rather than punching through etc. Some light bruising is to be expected. But not a face like a cabbage that’s been hit by the rotary hoe.

It’ll be fine.

“It’ll be all boys / girls”

Group activities, including martial arts, can be quite biased towards or against a particular gender. Here, we don’t care if you’re a male or female. If you can show some dedication, then you’ve got every chance to excel.

Equal opportunities to kick ass.

“The sofa is maybe a lower risk…”

It’s a tough world out there and keeping an eye towards your personal safety and your fitness can only be a benefit. Besides, mixing with people and challenging yourself just adds to the richness of your life.

You’re not getting any younger.

“But I’m not fit or strong!”

Your holiday weight is none of our concern. Telling yourself you’re not fit enough can be a great way to make sure you stay indoors and never try. But at this club we don’t mind if you have to take some time to develop your fitness. And we help you along a little. You don’t have to be able to do 50 press ups to impress us. Just don’t have any health problems that might get worse with some exercise. It’s not a boot camp (although we do have those available too sometimes). Nor do you have to be particularly muscular to get on. We play to the strengths you have and develop the ones you don’t over time.

You don’t have to be He-Man to train here.

“I don’t know what we will be doing”

You get to throw people of different ages, sizes and genders around the room, learn how to punch and kick, grapple and apply pressure points among other things. You get to play with sticks and swords and other weapons (safely, of course). However, our injury rates are low thanks to our method of training which teaches you how to roll (sometimes quite literally) with the punches.

There’s more info on this site, use it as the resource it is.

“I should maybe just go to the gym”

If the thought of a treadmill makes you yawn, maybe you’ll get more out of something where you’re learning and interacting all the time. It’s a fascinating art.

If you’re interested in something you’re more likely to stick to it.

“It’ll be really strict and formal and I might mess up”

Training is sometimes hard work. But it is remarkable how many people come out of class with a smile, saying they feel great. You should know we aren’t as shouty and strict as some clubs. There are a few things we do for etiquette’s sake, but after a while they start to feel normal, nice even. We don’t mind having a laugh either. Life is already pretty hard without spending your spare time being scared you’ll say or do the wrong thing.

Just try your best and you’ll be fine.

“I’m still not sure…”

We study ninjutsu. Therefore, you could honestly say you were a ninja.

What more do you need??

So make the first step through the door and come to your taster lesson. New year’s resolutions are all very well but it’s up to you to fulfil them. And the first step is the hardest. Dreading the thought of something unfamiliar is natural, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t give it a try!

P.S. These reasons above apply all throughout the year too!!

Want to know more?

Call Beth on (UK) 07763100750 to have a chat about coming to your first class. If you prefer, fill out the contact form.

The hidden cost of martial arts classes

payment for martial arts classes
I was told once that Dr Usui, the originator of one version of the reiki healing technique once admonished his students that every patient must pay for their treatment. This sounds rather hawkish and exploitative on the surface, but his explanation reveals a shocking truth – one that opens up an insight into our human urge to value things based on their price. I’ll be asking you: what price do you think your martial arts class is really worth?
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