Self-defence with Kizen Bujinkan Dojo

The world is a little scary right now. That’s why it’s good to have some skills to help you out.

Short self-defence courses can be great at giving basic tips and pointers. But they can only go so far. To learn how to use your body to its best advantage in times of trouble, the real answer is to dedicate a serious amount of time to studying it.

No one expects you to be able to win a gold medal after one PE class. Why would defending yourself be any different?

At Kizen, we recommend you *do*¬†attend short self-defence courses focused on specific attack and response behaviours, but also train your muscle memory and technique over a longer period of time for best results. And that’s where we can help out.

We can help you learn how to escape from grabs, evade and dodge attacks, fall over and pick yourself back up, and even increase your situational awareness. In short: we teach you how to stay alive when the bad guys come.

Interested in learning more? Why not try a free lesson. Please enquire below or call Bryan on 07392 299904

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