Kizen are demonstrating at the Japan Fair again!

Every year for the past few years our club has put on a display for our friends at Japan Fair. Each year there have been people queuing out the door to see us demonstrate our ninjutsu skills for the crowds and 2016 is no different.

Come and see us at 2pm on Sunday the 5th of June in the STUC building (above The Stand comedy club) in Glasgow’s West End. You might want to get there with plenty of time* to take part in some of the other fun activities at the Fair, like Kimono trying on, origami, and other Japanese cultural pursuits, but best of all is the FOOD! (Apart from the ninjas, of course.)

Here’s some screen caps of videosĀ from previous years showing off our skills at controlled mayhem!

Learning how to throw or knock down your opponent, demonstated
Throwing skills
Japanese / samurai sword classes
Japanese swords skills including katana techniques are used in our martial arts club
Self-defense skills shown in Glasgow
Multi-attacker take down – explosion of ninjas!

Get a real feel for what we learn during our Bujinkan training and how it can benefit you. You might even get to have a go as we often ask for volunteers.

See you there.

*Please be aware of parking and roads restrictions that day due to the Great 10 K Women’s race being run that day. You should check out which routes are available online if travelling by car. Public transport is recommended!

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