Dojo closed until further notice

Unfortunately the Arc: Health & Fitness gym has closed due to the developing situation with the COVID-19 illness. As a result Kizen dojo is also closed until further notice.

Doug and Bryan thank their students for their unyielding support and patience and will do our best to resume training as soon as safely possible.


守破離 – Shuhari

Last night I mentioned this as we were training through the Kihon Happo. Shuhari is a philosophy that was adopted by Aikido but has been applied to the arts, business and also science.

Below is my attempt to understand the concept and how we can apply it to our training.

守 – shu “obey”, “protect” – The student learns and absorbs the fundamentals, the way, rules, techniques to the letter with discipline and repetition. A single path to mastery.

破 – ha “break”, “detach”, “digress” – The student understands the fundamentals. Through innovation, the teachings/techniques can be adapted or broken where necessary. Rules/processes can be discarded to allow discussion and ultimately improvement of the discipline itself.

離 – ri “separate”, “transcend” – The teachings have been completely assimilated and become second nature. The practitioner becomes the ‘rule’ and can completely depart from the forms.

Essentially, learn the forms, break the forms, transcend the forms.

Although I must point out that in no way suggesting that we should break the rules too early and depart from sound teachings, but merely offering the concept as a guide to help realise your own skill level. From there, I believe that improvement can be made.

Of course, I feel that even if we are able to get to the Ri stage in our lifetime, learning never really stops.

If you have questions on this concept or my understanding please feel free to comment.

Bujinkan – Beginner’s Course


Have you ever wanted to begin Martial Art’s training but had no idea where to begin?

Martial Art training has a wealth of benefits including developing your fitness, a heightened sense of concentration and focus, and of course increased self-confidence. It’s important to find the right martial art for you, though. That’s why we have devised an beginner’s course to introduce you to Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.

Our 6 week beginner’s course is designed to teach the correct foundations of Bujinkan training, with each class building on the skills and techniques learned from the previous lesson. You will cover:

– Striking (Basics of kicking and punching)
– Break Falls (Landing safely on the mats)
– Basic Locks (Joint manipulation)
– Basic Throws (Upsetting an attackers balance)
– Bukiwaza (Introduction to basic weapon techniques)

Course Times:

The course will begin on 26/09/18 at the Arc: Health & Fitness at Glasgow Caledonian University, every Wednesday from 8:30-9:30pm. (Please arrive at the reception for 8:15pm). (Address and Map, opens in new page)

Wondering if you can take a look at a class before you sign up? Why not come and take a peek on a Wednesday before the 26th – it’s free to watch and get an idea, ask some quick questions to the instructors (when they are not in the middle of teaching).

Pricing options:

Basic Course
Description: No frills, just your instruction.
Price: £50 / £35 for students with valid ID
Deposit required: £20

Upgrade 1
Description: Basic package + a uniform and belt
Price: £65
Deposit: £25

Upgrade 2
Description: Basic package + uniform/belt + syllabus book up to black belt
Price: £75
Deposit: £35

Sign up terms!

Please understand that by clicking the PayPal buttons below to pay your deposit or full amount, you confirm you have read all our class rules, agree with them, and are eligible to participate (read rules here, opens in a new window).

Please note deposits are not refundable, and full amount payments that request refunds will not receive deposit amounts back either. This is a commitment price, and will be treated as such. You will be required to pay the outstanding moneys, if you choose the deposit only option, on the first lesson. First lesson attendance on 26/09/18 is mandatory for participation as it covers important safety issues.

Please choose from either the deposit or full payment dropdowns below, to be taken to PayPal for payment. Payment name is “Elizabeth Faulds”. Please choose a uniform size if you are selecting any of the upgrade options. Uniform is sized by your height.

Please note that deposit is REQUIRED for registration. A cash payment for full amount MAY be accepted on day, but space on the course would not be guaranteed in this circumstance. For help with these terms, go to Contact Us (opens in new page).

Course option – deposit ONLY
Upgrade 1 or 2 uniform size

Course option – FULL payment
Upgrade 1 or 2 uniform size