Bujinkan Ninjutsu Club in Glasgow, West of Scotland

Kizen Bujinkan Dojo is a place to learn the martial arts of the ninja and samurai in Glasgow.
Kizen Bujinkan Dojo martial arts class
Beginners are welcome and may take part in a free trial lesson. All participants must comply with our rules as set out – see below.

Class details such as time, cost, and location are here.

Special 6 week beginner’s course now available, starts 26/09/18, sign up now!

About the Bujinkan, Ninjutsu, and the instructor

The Bujinkan is a Japanese tradition based on the arts of ninja and samurai. Sometimes called ninjutsu, it focuses on the skills of combat from this time – both armed and unarmed – with modern-day applications too. Kizen Bujinkan Dojo is led by Beth Faulds, 10th Dan and assisted by Doug Faulds, 6th Dan and Bryan Kirk, 5th Dan.

Learn more about the Bujinkan and our instructors here.

More information and rules!

If you are interested in training with us, please first read some information and our rules about who can join us and our policies, then contact us below. Completing the form indicates interest only and is not an obligation. Further contact and information will help you to decide if you can participate. Please use your real name and email as otherwise we cannot contact you with this information. We will not share your details with anyone else.

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